Howard Hoover - Sepsis Survivor/Author

Sepsis and Its Progression

Sepsis is an unimaginable horror. The concept that the human body and its elaborate immune system can go into overdrive and start fighting against itself is still something I have trouble coming to terms with. An implosion, if you will, caused by a foreign invader. The body overreacts in such a way that the body begins to shut down and only through early detection, "goal directed therapy," and proper training of critical care staff can this snowball effect be halted and turned around.  There is a lot of momentum involved with sepsis once it gets going and like stopping an oil tanker making 15 knots there needs to be planning, vision, and a clear horizon to make it happen.  While sepsis is an illness that still preys on the sick, elderly, and very young, the healthy and young are still at risk.  It can happen to anyone.

I have included salient facts about sepsis prior to every chapter in Travels through a Toxic Shock Nightmare that provide background information to convey what had hold of me during those dark days.  There is a progression specific to what I had that goes sepsis, severe sepsis, septic shock, and toxic shock syndrome.  What nearly did me in was toxic shock syndrome or TSS.  The progression which I also include in  my book is provided below: