Howard Hoover - Sepsis Survivor/Author

Of Interest

I have included a sample chapter from Travels through a Toxic Shock Nightmare.  With a few exceptions I have changed the names of all characters and locations.

I encourage you to visit the Sepsis Alliance website at to see other survivor stories and hear how pervasive this epidemic is.

My story was told through a professionally made video sponsored by the company that developed the catheter that detected my condition as sepsis and drove the therapy that ultimately saved me.

FoxNews Charlotte did a story on sepsis when I was invited to speak at a local hospital.  I blame sepsis for my case of the "ummmss."

Confident Voices in Healthcare

I have been invited to participate in a blog series for Confident Voices in Healthcare.  Click on the below link to access.

Kirkus Review of Travels through a Toxic Shock Nightmare

A well balanced, professional review from someone that has never met me.  I appreciate the impartial comments from the good folks at Kirkus (thankfully it was a good review).

I was invited to take part in a video for the Beryl Institute that was presented in Dallas in April 2015.  All patients featured in the video hail from Carolinas Healthcare System.