Howard Hoover - Sepsis Survivor/Author


My Story

I live in Charlotte, NC, with my family where I work in finance and am currently in a career transition. It is also where I contracted the often-deadly, seldom forgiving toxic shock syndrome brought on by the bacteria, streptococcous pyogenes, that causes strep throat. Yes, simple run of the mill strep throat caused my brush with death as it got into my lungs and from there into my bloodstream.  I fought the battle in the MICU for four weeks and spent over six weeks in the hospital and in physical therapy.

As I slowly recovered from my rapid downslide, I began to write down my recollections from this astonishing time in my life. Sort of like catching lightning in a bottle.  As I wrote these thoughts down I realized, with encouragement from friends and family, that there might be a book amongst the pages.

I wrote Travels through a Toxic Shock Nightmare to not only share my experiences but to tell people what I learned from my struggle. But I also made a deal with myself not to hold back so that meant I was to be true to my feelings at the time whether those feelings were comedic or hyper critical with the infusion of strong language.  That was the only way I was going to follow through with it.  So I apologize in advance for any offense that may be taken but the truth of feelings and thoughts I had when I was at my most vulnerable take precedent.

I have had the opportunity to speak at hospitals, conferences, and medical device manufacturing facilities domestically and internationally to share my story and convey what a patient goes through when in the throes of such an illness. I am hopeful that my story may help a future patient in need or provide insight to a critical care provider on that awful other side of an illness.   

1997 - 1999

Mercer University Atlanta

Masters in Business Administration


1993 - 1995

United States Merchant Marine Academy 

Bachelor of Science

1987 - 1991

University of South Florida

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Howard Hoover Sepsis Survivor

Registered Professional Engineer

Georgia and North Carolina