I once had the privilege to hear someone say that if you survive a terrible crisis then it is your responsibility to share your experience and help others who are enduring the same. I wrote the book, Travels through a Toxic Shock Nightmare, with that intent and to tell people what I learned from this struggle. It is my hope that my book can raise awareness of sepsis and shed some light on the number one killer in hospitals today.  There have been encouraging strides since my crisis but more work needs to be done. I hope you enjoy my book, my experience is all there and expressed in an often salty way. While it was at times painful to write, it did provide closure and a bit of therapy in the process.

Travels through a Toxic Shock Nightmare is NOW AVAILABLE!


Howard Hoover - Sepsis Survivor/Author

From Just One Sepsis Survivor 

Howard Hoover Sepsis Survivor

My room, not my bed - April 2009